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Week of April 21
Monday - One Poem, One Stoga. Link to Claude McKay's poem "Spring in New Hampshire"Please hand in questions from DOS. (copy of them here: )
Tuesday - Poems due. No EXCEPTIONS. Go over commencement speeches.
Assignment: find a topic for your speech.
Wednesday - Draft your speeches. Your assignment is here:

Also your grading rubric: Look at both of them for ideas and guidance. Homework: You will "dib" terms to find used in other speeches. Create a document you can share on the doc. cam. that clearly illustrates the term being used. We will organize this before you start drafting.
Thursday - Speech drafts due. No draft = no points. Go over the rhetorical terms. You will report out on what you found. Watch Ted Talk: The Three A's of Awesome. Complete the accompanying worksheet as you watch the speech.
Friday - vocabulary quiz 18. Begin reading A Hope in the Unseen. After reading the first chapter (1-23), make a list of assumptions about Cedric, his school, his community. Homework: Read Chapters 2 & 3. Worksheet to be uploaded soon.

Week of April 28 - Be prepared for pop quizzes! There will be several reading checks during this unit. Speeches due this week.
Monday - Introduce A Hope in the Unseen. Power Point. Reading homework: Chapter 4 (up to page 76). Homework: bring your speeches to class on Tuesday.
Tuesday - Homework: Read up to chapter 5. Work on peer editing of speeches using RHETORICAL devices!!!! IF time permits, rest of class is SSR.
Wednesday - Homework: Read up to chapter 6. Writing lab day - finish up speeches.
Thursday - Homework: Read up to chapter 7. Activity: Share speeches. (all are due!)
Friday - vocabulary quiz 19. Continue sharing speeches. Homework: Read up to chapter 9 (two chapters)

Week of May 5
Monday - Discussion. Formal quiz. Homework: Read up to chapter 10.
Tuesday -Reading Day. Homework: Read up to chapter 11.
Wednesday- Writing lab day. Homework: Read up to chapter 13 (two chapters)
Thursday -possible reading day. Homework: Read up to chapter 14
Friday - vocabulary quiz 20 - last quiz. Homework: Read Epilogue

Week of May 12
Monday - Wrap up Hope in the Unseen. Homework: study for test.
Tuesday - Hope in the Unseen Test.
Wednesday -Persuasive writing assignment.
Thursday -Introduce Anthology Project - Read about Synthesis in Models for Writers
Friday - TBD. Brainstorming ideas. Reading other synthesis papers and anthologies.

Week of May 19
Monday - Proposal due for anthology.
Tuesday - No School
Wednesday-Begin reporting to the library for research. Today = instruction on how to use the databases.
Thursday -Report to Library.
Friday - Report to Library.

Week of May 27
Tuesday - Report to library all week. I will be checking in with all of you individually to confer, to check work, to answer questions.
Wednesday - see Tuesday.
Thursday - see Tuesday
Friday -see Tuesday

Week of June 2
Monday - TBD
Tuesday - Anthologies due - Presentations begin. ONe pager due.
Wednesday through Friday - presentations

Week of June 9
Monday - Review of writing: punctuation
Tuesday - Review of writing.
Wednesday - portfolio review/college essay brainstorm
Thursday - miscellaneous writing/reading tips. Netiquette?
Friday - review for final exam

Week of June 16
Monday - review for final exam
Tuesday - final exam. Location and time: TBA.
Wednesday - finals
Thursday - finals
Friday - last day!

Regularly scheduled Assignments:
Mondays: Annotations- suspended until further notice.
Wednesdays: Writing
Friday: Vocabulary, song day, good writing.
Refer to the ARCHIVED ASSIGNMENTS page for work you may have missed. All assignments are archived.

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